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Importance of Hijab in Islam

Islam has strongly emphasized the concept of the decency and modesty in the interaction. And the dress code is the part of this. Most often it is worn by the Muslims women as a symbol; of modesty, decency, privacy and morality.  One of the verses in Quran protects a woman’s basics right. “O Muhammad! Tell thy wives and daughters of the believers, women that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (outside), so that they should be known (as much) and not molested” Verse 59 of Surah A1Ahzaab


The Quran teaches us to look around us with open eyes and minds, to think and try to reach in depth in the logical conclusions. If we look at the creation of the universe, from the small and the meanest tiny atom to the huge and vast bodies in the universe, do not we see how everything is important and is properly protected and concealed with a cover aspects. As we see the skin of the human, the cell’s plasma, the roots and structures of the trees, the shell of an egg, even the whole universe are protected with each other’s and enjoying the protection of a “Hijab.


The scholarly, detailed description and attention has focused on discussion on the women dress. Many Muslims believe that basic codes mean that, in the presence of someone other than a close family member (those within the prohibited degrees of marriage), and also according to a non-Muslim woman, a woman should cover her whole body. In some cases, this is everything but the eyes, but most in other case it is required that women cover everything but the hands and face can be left open. In nearly all Muslim cultures, young girls, small in their ages are not required to wear a Hijab.


There is not a single agreed age when a woman should begin wearing a Hijab.According to the Holly Quran Surah A1Ahzaab, to wear Hijab, reason behind this is to recognize and differentiates between the Believing Women and others. It does not mean that the women in Islam should be kept apart from the world of men; on the contrary, the Quran is insistent in the full participation of women in society and in the religious practices.



This is part of the growing feeling on the part of Muslim men and women that they no longer wish to identify with the West, and that reaffirmation of their identity as Muslims requires the kind of visible sign that adoption of conservative clothing implies.For these women the issue is not that they have to dress with this code, but this is all when Imam Khomeini first insisted that all the women must wear the veil and chador in Iran, and in the response a large number of the demonstrations of the women, he modified this and agreed upon that while the Chador is not necessary, but the modest dress is. Hence till now there the women dresses in Hijab mostly and keep their dress code as so to the modest one.